Update UCosmic Stakeholder’s Meeting and Conference

We look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming UCosmic Conference on October 31st.  There are still a few spots available, so please sign up if you plan on attending: http://www.ucosmic.org/Conference.aspx.

The F all Stakeholder’s Meeting will take place on November 1st at the SUNY Global Center in Manhattan. Email rebecca.smolar@ucosmic.org if you plan on attending either in person or virtually. If you cannot attend the Stakeholder’s Meeting in person, please use the following to virtually attend:

BB Collaborate Guest Link: http://tinyurl.com/ucosmic-guest

Cisco Meeting Place dial-in: Phone: 518-320-1200 Passcode: 0007

Dial-in can begin 15 minutes before scheduled meeting time (10am).



New UCosmic Consortium Team Members

I would like to welcome Jen Nevins jen.nevins@ucosmic.org and Michael Batten michael.batten@ucosmic.org to the UCosmic Team. Michael will be helping organize the UCosmic conference and Jen will be helping out with project management during my maternity leave from early November – January.  During this period, Jen will help all consortium members with adding member institutions to UCosmic and other project administration needs that arise.

The latest updates to the UCosmic system will be unveiled at the conference and stakeholder’s meeting on October 31st and November 1st.


Rebecca Smolar

Project Manager

UCosmic Conference and Fall Stakeholder’s Meeting

We are still accepting participants for the First Annual UCosmic Conference: Collaborative Software Development to Address Strategic Challenges in Higher Education: Kuali, VIVO and UCosmic to take place on October 31st. Please note that conference hotel rates will expire on September 28th, so please book today or tomorrow to get the special conference rate. If you cannot attend, we encourage you to forward the invitation to your institution’s senior administrators, including the chief technology officer and chief academic officer.

We are now also accepting reservations for the UCosmic Consortium’s Fall Stakeholder Meeting to take place on November 1st from 10am to 4pm at the SUNY Global Center in Manhattan.  Click here to view the agenda. Participants will be able to remotely join the Stakeholder Meeting.  The call-in number will be sent closer to the date of the meeting. Please RSVP to rebecca.smolar@ucosmic.org for the Stakeholder Meeting and note whether you will be attending in person or remotely.

Changes to the UCosmic Preview Site

All of the modules, except the Agreements Module, are now turned off on the preview site: https://preview.ucosmic.com/. We hope that this change will help with promotional efforts this fall. All of the modules can still be found in the Alpha site, where they are being developed.

UCosmic’s First Conference

Registration is open for the first annual UCosmic Conference to be held on October 31st, in New York City. The theme this year is “Collaborative Software Development to Address Strategic Challenges in Higher Education: Kuali, VIVO and UCosmic.”

This one-day conference will focus on an institutional ecosystem of inexpensive, open-source technology solutions to enable global strategy. This conference will share best practices among three cutting-edge, open-source, higher education consortia: UCosmic® Consortium, VIVO, and Kuali.

We have an amazing group of speakers lined up, including Hao Wang, Chief Information Officer, State University of New York, Eric Denna, Chief Information Officer, The University of Utah, Randy Ozden, President and Chief Executive Officer, VivanTech, Kiki Caruson, Associate Professor, and Assistant Vice President for Research, Innovation and Global Affairs, University of South Florida and others.

We have reserved rooms at three NY hotels at really great rates. The rates expire in September, so make your reservations soon! Please note that the NYC marathon is taking place the weekend after the conference, so hotel rates are extremely high and scarce.

Check out the conference website to learn more about the conference and the room reservations: http://www.ucosmic.org/Conference.aspx.

UCosmic Conference Registration is Open

We would like to invite you and your colleagues to attend the first annual UCosmic® Consortium conference entitled “Collaborative Software Development to Address Strategic Challenges in Higher Education: Kuali, VIVO and UCosmic.” The conference will be held on October 31, 2013 at the SUNY Global Center in Manhattan located at 116 E. 55th Street, NY, NY 10022.

The conference will highlight the evolution, achievements and shared challenges faced by the three open-source higher education technology solutions provided by the Kuali Foundation, VIVO and the UCosmic® Consortium. This one-day conference will focus on an institutional ecosystem of inexpensive, open-source technology solutions to enable global strategy. While the conference is solution agnostic, the sessions will address how these and other inexpensive, open source solutions can harness data across complex institutional enterprises to strengthen decision-making, help with higher education administration, connect scholars and researchers, and foster educational entrepreneurship around the world.

This one-day conference will be limited to 125 and will be conducted as an “in-the-round” plenary designed to maximize participation, with speakers from UCosmic, VIVO and Kuali, and their participating institutions. The conference will be followed by a one-day stakeholder’s meeting for UCosmic® Consortium members. To learn more about the conference and register, please visit: http://www.ucosmic.org/Conference.aspx.

Immediately preceding the UCosmic Conference on October 29th and 30th will be the 2013 SUNY Critical Issues in Higher Education Conference: Building a Smarter University. The critical issues conference will examine how this movement could help build smarter universities — improving the student learning experience, enhancing the research enterprise, supporting effective community outreach, strengthening the education pipeline and advancing the university infrastructure.

We hope that you will consider attending both the critical issues conference and the UCosmic Conference. We have room blocks available for the duration of both conferences. If you have any questions, please contact the UCosmic® Consortium project manager, Rebecca Smolar at rebecca.smolar@ucosmic.org.

July 2013 UCosmic Update

In the Agreements Module, we are taking the protected Additional Notes field and splitting it into 2: 1) a public Content field (WYSIWYG) and 2) a private Notes field (multiline text box).

All UCosmic members that have been using the protected Additional Notes field, should let me (rebecca.smolar@ucosmic.org) know whether they want their current Additional Notes data to move to the public Content field, or to the private Notes field.

June 2013 Update

Dear UCosmic® Consortium Members,

Thank you for all of your feedback following the May 2013 Stakeholder Meeting. After the next set of updates are complete, the following items are on the development timeline:

  • Cross-Module Reporting Mechanism: This feature is available in the prototype and allows users to view data collected from multiple modules. This mechanism will be developed to report on data from the current modules: Agreements Module, Faculty Modules, and others as they are developed
  • Ability to download module data using a .csv format
  • Student Modules: We will work on the Student Modules. If anyone would like to provide recommendations for specific fields or functionality, please e-mail rebecca.smolar@ucosmic.org.


Rebecca Smolar
Project Manager, UCosmic® Consortium


Spring 2013 UCosmic Stakeholder Meeting Notes

Attached are the to the Spring 2013 Virtual Stakeholder Meeting held on May 14, 2013: Spring 2013 Stakeholder Holder Meeting Notes.

We’d like to thank all of our members who attended the meeting and provided such great feedback. We hope that all of our members will review the notes and provide feedback on your development priorities for the coming months. With a new full-time developer on board, we expect that the development process will speed up and that UCosmic will have a lot of new functionality in the coming months.

Update on Stakeholder’s Meeting

The May 14th 2pm EDT Spring Stakeholder’s Meeting will continued as planned.

The May 23rd 6am – 8 am EDT meeting is cancelled.