Dear UCosmic Consortium Members,

There are many updates to report on the UCosmic site!

1. On the Alpha Site, UCosmic Consortium Members can now add their own institutions.  When you are adding a new agreement and you cannot find the partner institution, you can add it with the new “Add New” feature. Also, when you are editing your UCosmic profile’s formal education, you can add your Alma Mater. If the Alma Mater is not there, you can add the institution. Once a month, I will vet the newly added institutions.

2. As noted in the fall Stakeholder’s Meeting, UCosmic Consortium Members can now download an excel spreadsheet for the Agreements Module. Please note, we will be adding a few more columns in the coming weeks, so that you can download additional information.

3. API is now ready for both the Agreements and Faculty Module.

4. In the Faculty & Staff Module, the Advanced Search (Table) and Advanced Search (Map) capacities are now functioning as well.

Finally, I am preparing a focus group interested in preparing a Spring pilot of the Faculty and Staff Module. Email me if you are interested.

Rebecca Smolar


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