We are happy to announce the launch of the updated UCosmic® Consortium site, including a brand new section entitled “Conference Recap”. Under this category, you can find featured information from the 1st Annual UCosmic® Conference, including group photos and speakers’ PowerPoint presentations. By clicking on the speaker’s name found in the agenda, you can review corresponding presentations from each panel.

If you have not already done so, please take the time to Subscribe via Email to the UCosmic® Blog. By signing up, you can have monthly updates like this one sent directly to your inbox. You will see that our last blog post included a proposal to drop support for Internet Explorer versions 9 and lower. The decision has since been made to officially drop support; please review the list of compatible browsers below.

Recommended browsers include:

  • Google Chrome, any version
  • Firefox, version 4 or above
  • Safari, version 5 or above

Accepted browsers included:

  • All browsers featured in recommended list above
  • Internet Explorer, version 10 or higher

We do not anticipate that many issues will arise from this change, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Program Assistant Jen Nevins at Jen.Nevins@ucosmic.org or Program Manager Rebecca Smolar at Rebecca.Smolar@ucosmic.org.


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