On October 31st, the UCosmic® Consortium hosted its first annual conference: Collaborative Software Development to Address Strategic Challenges in Higher Education: Kuali, VIVO and UCosmic®.

Held at the SUNY Global Center, the conference provided highly relevant discussions on shared challenges and opportunities, largely facilitated by speakers by the three open-source, higher education consortia: UCosmic®, Kuali and VIVO.

“The conversations surpassed my expectations. I have some immediate, concrete, take-aways and there are some very important issues that I think we need to move up our agenda. Speaking for me and for UCosmic®, we’ve learned an enormous amount and I really do hope that this is the beginning of an ongoing dialogue” said Mitch Leventhal, SUNY’s Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs and Executive Director of UCosmic®.

Topics included fulfilling strategic operations with big data, consortia-led development, governance structures, decision-making and prioritization, applications roll-out, privacy and policy, and strategies for fostering adoption.

Speakers included Hao Wang, SUNY’s Chief Information Officer, Mitch Leventhal, SUNY’s Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs, Eric Denna, Chief Information Officer for The University of Utah and Utah System of Higher Education, and many others.

Following the conference on November 1st, the UCosmic® Consortium also hosted its Fall Stakeholder’s meeting at the Global Center. Members convened to discuss the UCosmic® Consortium development timeline, best practices, and the possibilities of future collaboration and data exchange amongst the three software initiatives.

For information on UCosmic® membership, please email Jen.Nevins@ucosmic.org.


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